“I Feel Confident”

“Denise has trained my Labrador Monty with exceptional success. In fact, rather than just training Monty, Denise has trained me to become confident in my relationship with Monty, who is now a year old. He behaves exactly how I want him to behave, and I feel confident to take him anywhere (restaurants, shops, etc.). Denise knows her business and I would warmly recommend her to anyone. A friend actually recommended her to me having had similar success with her dog.”

– Anon

“Very Impressive”

“Our dog, Taz, has had a problem with aggression toward other dogs for around 3 years (since we got him as a rescue dog). We have tried numerous dog trainers in the past, including expensive ones that had no effect. Denise came and spent about an hour massaging and working with Taz. We then went outside and Denise got her 2 dogs out. Taz walked straight past them focusing only on us. It is the best he has ever been. I am not saying he is cured yet as we know we have work to do, but it was a very impressive first session. Thank you Denise.” 

– Anon

“Lots of Helpful Advice”

“Amazing results after 6 weeks of firework trauma with our Labrador. We now have a calm confident dog again. Thanks to Denise who really listened and gave lots of helpful advice.”

– A. Glastonbury

“With Me Every Step of the Way”

“Over recent months I have felt a strong desire to get more in touch with and develop my spiritual side. I haven't had much exposure or knowledge on how to do this or really which direction to go. Denise has been with me every step of the way, not only helping me find my way but also supporting me through every stage, even when it didn't feel quite right or I was unsure. She has always been on the end of the phone. Although I am still very much in the early stages of my journey, knowing that I have Denise by my side, and being able to attend her well-planned regular workshops with like-minded people is giving me so much confidence. Denise also spent some time with both me and my horse and was able to relay some very important messages from him in quite accurate detail. Thank you Denise for all your knowledge and kindness.”

– Anon

“Thank You”

“I have always been quite intuitive (as have a lot of people, I guess), but it is so easy to get distracted and not listen to our intuition. It is really something that has been coming up a lot for me lately so thank you for sharing'”

– Anon

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