Hi my name is Merlin

I am a Welsh Collie from a farm and a Rescue. I am now 3 years old

Mum says that I am a bit of a handful as I had a bad start to life.

I am now going out for walks with my brother and enjoying life but still get very nervous. This is me on my first picnic – hey Bryn nicked mum’s pork pie from her lunch box, mum was really cross!

I am now going to see a friend of mum’s called Brian (DogWork.co.uk) who teachers mum how to be obedient! Although I think Brian is teaching mum to teach me how to do obedience and something called Rally.

But I love to fool around which really winds mum up. But I do enjoy it and mum says I am getting better.

Mum, Bryn and I always go for a run and lots of walks every day, but Bryn and I love the running especially when I teach mum how to do a ‘swan dive’ on the road when I trip her up.

Bryn and I do have a good life with mum giving us lots of massages and good food.


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