About Denise

I have always had a healing side, being able to communicate with animals, as well as understand and heal them. I grew up with cats, dogs, rabbits, and hamsters. I also had my own horse, which I broke in myself. It was this pet who taught me a lot about ponies and horses and what makes them tick.

Dog Training

I trained my own dogs to Obedience 'B' level and competed at a very high level in agility. As well as competing in bikejoring and CaniX™, I’ve also trained my dogs in Working Trials and Flyball.

Massage for People and Animals

My training started with massage for people, then I transferred those skills to use with animals, especially dogs and horses. I’ve since worked on parakeets, rabbits, guinea pigs, and cats. I am also trained in shiatsu and Reiki for dogs, NFSH Healing (Healing Trust), in addition to psychic and distance healing.

Specialities and Expertise

I specialise in working on athletic and competing animals, and provide massage for their muscles to keep them pliable and flexible to prevent injury during events. There’s no problem that’s too big for me, and I’ll always recommended someone else who is able to help in the unlikely event that I can’t. In the meantime, I focus on continuing to expand on my knowledge with further training and improvement on my existing skills.

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