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To heal your animal inside and out, take the advice of an experienced professional and work with me in my fantastic animal therapy treatments and courses.

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People Therapy

If you’re struggling to balance some of the difficult issues in your life, take a moment for yourself and utilise my alternative approach to invigorating holistic therapies.

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For effective animal therapy for your pet, or holistic therapy for you, place your trust in the vet recommended, highly experienced, Denise H Croucher Horse & Dog Whisperer. With more than 30 years within the industry, I have worked closely with animal physicians, working on severe problems in dogs after seeking full approval from qualified vets. From my site, in Salisbury, I have appeared on TV and radio, and performed demonstrations at the London Pet Show. My understanding of health and communication with animals has been compared to Dr. Doolittle, and I am able to work with both individuals and groups, either face-to-face or over the phone.


Intuitive Healing for People and Animals

My training started with physical and emotional healing therapy for people which I later transferred to animals – in particular horses and dogs. I work with animals for all sorts of reasons and most commonly in the following situations

  • Injury or Trauma
  • Behavioural Issues
  • Training Blocks
  • Understanding past life experiences
  • General animal communication
  • Confidence issues
  • Trust building 

I use a number of traditional techniques (Massage and Reiki) combined with more holistic therapies to address the physical or behavioural issue.

I do possess an affinity to communicate with animals on a deeper level to identify the route cause of a problem. This could be a historical incident or a more current environmental issue which has presented as a behavioural or physical issue.

I will always follow best practice and work with your vet if required and may recommend more conventional treatment if appropriate or necessary.